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We have a farm from which we sell to our much loved customers:

336 Brown Road, Officer (Mel Ref: 319 H6)


It's really simple! Just come to the farm, wander through the trees and when you find one you love, just give a hoy and one of our friendly staff will come and measure the tree, quote it and if you're happy, cut it down. Most trees can be netted to protect their branches in transit and to protect you from pine needles. We give you your price ticket, net your tree if its is suitable and load it into your car. You pay at the office on the way out where you can buy a disposal bag to make post-Christmas tree disposal easier. It's simple and fun!

How much?

We sell trees from 4ft–12ft (1.2m–3.6m) and prices rise according to size. To give you an idea a 4ft–6ft tree is $45–$65. More information here.

What if it is raining?

We have a lovely big red barn that we use on wet days at our farm at Officer. Before the rain comes we go out and cut a selection of trees in different sizes and put them in our big dry barn. Come along, even if it is raining, and choose one of our beautiful trees.

Do I have to take my tree home on the day I choose it?

No, you can choose your tree anytime from opening day and come back on another day for harvesting. We will mark your tree so that no-one else takes it home.

Can I buy a tree before your opening day?

Yes, you can. Call us on 1300 655 652 and we'll make a time to meet you at the farm so you can select a tree for us to harvest for you.

How do I set up a tree stand?

Metal Stand

Plastic Stand

How do I care for my tree?

To keep your real Christmas tree looking fresh, and to enjoy the wonderful fragrance that the tree delivers, it is recommended that the following three simple steps are followed:

  • TIP 1. Before standing the tree, ensure that the base of the tree is not dry. If the base is dry, it is recommended that the tree stub be re-cut at least 10mm shorter. This allows the water to be absorbed through the trunk more effectively.
  • TIP 2. Stand the Christmas tree in fresh water. In the first 24 hours of the tree being in water the tree can drink up to 3 litres of fluids. Ensure that the water levels are kept higher than the base to prevent it from drying out; If at any stage that the base of your tree is out of water for any length of time, your tree will risk drying out sooner.
  • TIP 3. Do not leave the Christmas tree in direct sunlight. Some Australian hot days will stress the needles on the tree causing the tree to brown off sooner.

How do I get rid of my dead tree?

Christmas is gone for another year and your tree is, well, dried up and fading fast. It’s time to put away the tinsel and think about tree disposal.

Depending on where you live, you have a number options to choose from.

You can return your tree to Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm – a great excuse for another day in the country:

  • Wrap your tree in the disposal bag (available for purchase with your tree). This avoids pine needles making a mess of your car.
  • Come back to our Officer farm and leave at front gate. We mulch dead trees to help our growing ones.

Local councils offer various collection services. Check out our list of councils’ disposal arrangements here. Options include:

  • Green waste bin (chop up tree for fortnightly green waste collection)
  • Book a hard waste collection
  • Book a green waste collection
  • Drop off your tree to the local tip or transfer station.

Use the location map to find your council’s website https ://knowyourcouncil.vic.gov.au/councils
Or find your nearest recycling centre here https://www.mwrrg.vic.gov.au/waste/recycling/

Officer Farm   Dog-friendly Dry trees

30 Nov – 23 Dec: 2pm–8pm
Christmas Eve 24 Dec: 9am–4pm

5–20 Dec: 8am–6pm

For visits at other times/days please call 1300 655 652.

Dog-friendly Dogs on lead welcomed
Dry trees Dry trees in barn

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