What we sell on the farm

Tree prices

Buying your Christmas tree direct from the farm can not only offer substantial savings and value for money – it can also be a lot of fun.

Our Christmas trees direct from the farm start from $50 for a 4 ft tree and under. The price is increased per foot thereafter.

A typical Christmas Tree stands between 6ft to 7ft high (1.8m to 2.1m), incurring a charge between $80 and $110.

When the Christmas season becomes too busy and you run out of time to visit the farm, you can now purchase online and have it delivered daily.

4ft/1.2m Tree

4 ft/1.2 m and under Tree

Farm price: $50
Online price: $99
5ft/1.5m Tree

5 ft/1.5 m Tree

Farm price: $65–$70
Online price: $119
6ft/1.8m Tree

6 ft/1.8 m Tree

Farm price: $80–$90
Online price: $149
7ft/2.1m Tree

7 ft/2.1 m Tree

Farm price: $95–$110
Online price: $170
8ft/2.4m Tree

8 ft/2.4 m Tree

Farm price: $130–$140
9ft and over tall tree

9 ft/2.7 m Tree

Farm price: $170–$200
9ft and over tall tree

10 ft/3.0 m plus Tree

Farm price: $250 plus

Minimum $50 for 3 ft tree.

We price the tree prior to cutting it down to ensure that the tree meets your budget.

Remember – Christmas trees will appear to be smaller in the field. When at home a 7 ft tree is large enough to fill an average size home! For those who are game, we usually have a stock of trees 10 ft and higher. Contact us for more information.


Yes, we offer a Christmas tree netting service! Your Christmas tree can be conveniently wrapped to take home with you saving you from pine needles in your car, and your home. Tree Netting/Wrapping also makes your tree easier to manage, for example – getting the tree through doorways or even standing your tree up.

Our Christmas Tree wrapping service cost $5 per tree. Note – not all trees will fit though the Christmas tree wrapping machine. Please ask our staff prior to choosing your Christmas tree if you wish to have your tree netted.

If you buy online, the tree will be netted.


The Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm manufactures its own metal Christmas tree stands here in Australia. Our stands have stood the test of time, and we are proud to have such a good solution available for our customers.

Stands also available to buy online

See how to set up your tree stand.

Apart from standing the Christmas tree, our stands also allow the tree to draw water from a bucket of water that sits below the Christmas tree, keeping the tree fresh for the whole festive season. Click here to learn more about preserving your Christmas tree.

Cinco stands
SMALL (4 ft – 5.5 ft)
MEDIUM (6 ft – 7.5 ft)
LARGE (8 ft – 9.5 ft)
10 ft and over