Christmas is gone for another year and your tree is, well, dried up and fading fast. It’s time to put away the tinsel and think about tree disposal.

Depending on where you live, you have a number options to choose from.

You can return your tree to Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm – a great excuse for another day in the country:

  • Wrap your tree in the disposal bag (available for purchase with your tree). This avoids pine needles making a mess of your car.
  • Come back to our Officer farm and leave at front gate. We mulch dead trees to help our growing ones.
Drop off at our farm

Local councils offer various collection services. Check out our list of councils’ disposal arrangements here. Options include:

  • Green waste bin (chop up tree for fortnightly green waste collection)
  • Book a hard waste collection
  • Book a green waste collection
  • Drop off your tree to the local tip or transfer station.

Use the location map to find your council’s website https ://
Or find your nearest recycling centre here