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Why a real tree?

Posted on: Nov 21, 2014
Our Christmases over the years

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree, la la la la! Why do you get a real Tree? Everyone answers this differently but here Melinda Eagleton (Staff member) answers this very question from her point of view.

  1. It’s real! I don’t like fake.
  2. They smell AH-MAZE-ING!
  3. I don’t like fake trees…
  4. Half the fun is the experience in choosing the tree especially now that I have children of my own (mind you my husbands’ still the fussiest ‘tree chooser’ lol)
  5. The other half is standing it up!
  6. I really don’t like fake trees!
  7. Tradition – Choosing a real tree has become a huge part of my family Christmas Culture…something we look forward to every year
  8. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a Christmas in the N.E of France, home of the first ever ‘Christmas Tree’. Whilst our pine variety is different down-under I absolutely adore the sense of Christmas tradition in France and love continuing that same tradition in my very own Aussie home.
  9. Did I mention I don’t like fake trees!
  10. It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without our real tree!

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